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Writing Your Life Story With Forever Stories

We are thrilled that over 690 of our books are currently in circulation. We would be honoured to write your life story and turn it into a bespoke hardback book for you to share with any family and friends. It is truly a priceless keepsake that can enable future generations to treasure your story.

“At the beginning of this project, I would not have believed how enjoyable it was. When I received the book, I think I must have stared at it for 30/45 seconds before opening because the quality of the final article is way above what I expected.”

“I was thrilled to receive my dad’s memoirs and I can’t wait for my daughter to read them in the future, allowing her to learn more about her granddad.”

“It is an amazing gift which we will treasure forever!”

It’s simply a conversation—let us do the rest.

Julian Coles

Co-Founder, Writer and Book Designer

Julian Coles has written and published 40 autobiographies since co-founding Forever Stories in 2020 out of a passion for writing life stories. Being extremely personable, he hopes to make all his clients comfortable when sharing those elements of their lives they would like articulated in written form.

As an aspiring children’s author, Julian is passionate about his work at Forever Stories and treats every client with the same respect he does for his family. He also benefited from a Guardian Masterclass in ‘Writing for Children’, taught by the acclaimed author Laura Dockrill.

In his words:

“In the final weeks of my grandfather’s life, he called me several times and recounted some of his most memorable stories. He wished for me to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. Sadly, I have forgotten much of what he said. To this day, that is one of my greatest regrets. Everyone’s story I write through Forever Stories couldn’t be more special. I love the process from start to finish, and I especially love getting to know our wonderful clients. Having written my grandmother’s life story, I know how personal this process is for each of my clients.

“Being a professional writer is much more than a job. I am extremely excited to meet you and record your stories – it is a special journey we can go on together.”

Listen to Julian talk about the business of storytelling, on Connections Radio, at:

Fabiana Harrington

Co-Founder and Writer

Fabiana, the co-founder of Forever Stories, has written 17 life story books for Forever Stories and enjoys writing fiction novels in any spare time she has. Fabiana has been painting and writing since she was a young girl and enjoyed writing and directing her first play while at Durham University. Before joining Forever Stories, she worked for national and international charities, primarily in storytelling and communications roles. In her words:

“I have always loved meeting people and learning about their lives. Julian and I set up Forever Stories to help people capture their wisdom, adventures and family history so their stories can be kept alive. It’s a wonderful process, and as a small team, we really get to know each client, tailoring each book.

“I highly recommend capturing your memoirs as a keepsake for yourself and anyone you may wish to share your books with.”

Jamie Pinnock

Writer and Editor

Jamie is a writer, lover of books and teaches English Literature and History. He has ghostwritten two biographies for Forever Stories, a travel memoir, two poetry collections, and his articles and short features have been published by a range of publications, such as Counterpunch and Elephant Journal. As an avid traveller and student of different cultures, he relishes the opportunity to listen to, record and write other people’s life stories. It is a rare privilege and Jamie approaches each client and their stories with the utmost compassion, patience, and respect. In his own words:

“For me, writing someone else’s story is one of the most incredible experiences a writer can undertake. It not only involves empathy, patience, a sense of humour, concentration, creativity, and a meticulous level of detail, but more importantly, it involves opening the heart and mind to not only get to know the stories being told but also the real-life characters in their stories.

“Writing someone else’s story is momentously special – exceptional relationships are formed, cherished stories are told and precious memories are shared, and even created. I can’t wait to get to know the next storyteller, whose unique words and colourful memories I record on the page for their loved ones to relish.”

Concetta Harrington

Transcriber and Researcher

Concetta is passionate about history and research, and has a background in Archaeology, history, research, translation services, teaching languages, and business management. Concetta currently runs her own business, while also helping some of Forever Stories’ projects come to life through her transcription services and research skills.




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