We Write Your Memoirs

We believe every family should have the opportunity to read their loved one’s memoirs. That is why we write your memoirs in first person, as if you’ve put pen to paper. It’s a simple and enjoyable process, where a trusted Forever Stories writer interviews you about your life and writes your memoirs for future generations to treasure.

With over 700 of our books in circulation, we know that our customers love hearing their loved one’s stories and here’s what some of them had to say.

“I was thrilled to receive my dad’s memoirs and I can’t wait for my daughter to read them in the future, allowing her to learn more about her granddad.”

“It is an amazing gift which we will treasure forever!”

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Your Biography

The weight of not recording your memoirs, or those of your loved ones, is lifted because we are your personal writers.

The Stories Behind Your Photos

Photographs define the special moments in our lives. With this package, you can choose your favourite photos and tell the stories behind them in a bespoke book.

Life Story Tributes

It is never too late – for those of you who sadly lost a loved one and wish you had their story written down, this might be an option for you.




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